Sunday, January 25, 2009

National Gallery of Art Free Resources

The National Gallery of Art (NGA) is a great, free, resource. The NGA has many resources available online. They have online tours of their collection. Not only do these online tours provide you with the ability to view fine art from anywhere in the world, they also give you information about the art you are viewing. For instance, on a page dedicated to the work of Thomas Sully, the NGA details Sully's life, his work, Captain Charles Stewart, and the history of the subject of the art. You can see the artwork as a full screen image. This enables your students, children, or you to view art that you might never get a chance to see, otherwise.

The NGA also has education resources. These resources include online resources, and a loan program. The online resources include lessons with art discussion, student activities, printable worksheets, and related resources. This is a great resource that provides a ready made lesson for teachers. The NGA also provides loans of DVDs, videos, slides and image CDs, and teaching packets. The teaching packets, I am especially excited about. For instance, the Picture France booklet and classroom guide (which are available for download online) includes a 150 page booklet, a separate classroom guide, with activities, student handouts, a timeline, resource information, 40 slides, and image CD with more than 75 works of art, 20 color study prints, and a wall map. These resources are available to basically anyone who would like to use them. The only cost is return postage. They are a loan item. But, what a resource!

If your child is in school, you'll want to be sure their school is aware of this resource. If you teach your children at home, you should definitely take a look at this. If, like me, you are just interested in art (although I do teach my children at home), you should also look at it. You may just find an invaluable, free, resource.

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