Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter Crafts, Ice Sun Catchers

My children don't like to do crafts. So, I, personally, do not have many suggestions for you. However, I do have a few suggestions on places to find craft ideas and directions. Also, I want to talk about ice sun catchers.

First, there are several places you can get ideas for making crafts with your children. My favorite site is The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman. Jennwa has a lot of neat ideas that include supply lists, instructions and pictures. Most of her ideas are doable by young children. Another good website is Family Fun. They have ideas for crafts, costumes, and food. It's a great website.

Now, ice sun catchers.


Plate, container lid, or anything that you can easily lift a disc of ice out of
Yarn, hemp, or twine (enough to go around the circumference of the
lid/plate plus extra to hang from a tree or other high object)
Items from nature - the more colorful the better:
- holly berries
- forsythia flowers, pansies, johnny jump ups, etc.
- small acorns
- acorn caps
- grass

Carefully place your nature treasures in a design on the plate/lid.
Lay the string/twine/yarn around the edges of the plate and let the
rest of the string/twine/yarn drape over the edge of the plate/lid so
that it's outside of the lid/plate.

Slowly (VERY SLOWLY) add water until the lid/plate is filled. You
must go slowly or the force of the water will destroy your design.

Let the plate freeze overnight. In the morning, remove the disc from
the lid/plate and hang from a tree.

You have a beautiful sun catcher to enjoy while the weather is cold. :o)

HT to Eclectic Eccentricities. To see pictures of a completed sun catcher, go to Eclectic Eccentricities.

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