Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mythmatical Battles

I like the idea of Mythmatical Battles. These are dueling cards that allow children to practice their multiplication tables. I know that my kids would love to use these. They are big into myths, and would enjoy the premise behind these cards. But, I'm impatient, and can't wait to get these in my hands. So, I decided that the boys could make their own game. So, this morning, I set the boys the task of creating a deck of cards to play dueling games with.

They wrote the times tables 2x2-9x9 on the cards as offense. Then, we shuffled the cards, and they did the same thing for defense. This way, the offense and defense on each card are not planned. Now, we're adding to the cards. They can start playing with them now. However, we're also adding characters from books we've read to the cards. On the back, they will draw pictures.

You could also do this for addition, subtraction, and division. You could have the child cut out pictures from a magazine to put on them. We considered cutting out pictures from our Lego catalog and making them Star Wars cards. In this way, you can customize the cards to your child's interests.

The way you play is this:
Each player gets half the deck. Each player takes turns being on offense/defense. EX:Player one plays his card. It's his turn to be on offense. His offense number is 9x5. Player 2's defense number is 4x3. Player one wins that round. He takes both cards and puts them in his pile. Then, it's player 2's turn to be on offense.

You can play this three ways.
  1. You can play until all the cards are gone from the draw pile. Then, whoever has the most cards in his 'win' pile, wins.
  2. You can set a time limit. When time is up, whoever has the most cards in his 'win' pile, wins.
  3. You can play like war. Just keep adding the cards you win back into your draw pile, until one person has lost all their cards.

Have fun!


  1. What a wonderful idea! Thank you!!

  2. That's seriously brilliant.

  3. I'm so loving this idea for my boys! Thanks for sharing it here.

  4. Hi! I came about your blog via google, as I was told about Mythmatical from a homeschooling friend, then decided to do a search.
    I'm looking for something to reinforce times table facts, and this game looks great.
    Thanks for sharing your version. I can see it would be very workable, esp. as postage to Australia is a little more than the actual product!