Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Understood Betsy: Chapter 1

This is a truly delightful book that all children should read. Xavier and I are currently reading it, and it is the first book he asks for each day.

Summary: Elizabeth Ann is a fragile girl of nine. Because her great-aunt becomes sick, she is forced to go live with distant relatives in the country. She learns a whole new way of living.


manifest duty
correspondence course


Mental math: The book mentions mental math. During these times, children were expected to be able to do long complicated math problems in their head. (This is mentioned in one of the Little House books, too.) Have your child attempt doing long problems in his head to have a comparison for what they have to do.

stethoscopes- Stethoscopes got their start in 1816. Study the history of stethoscopes and the science behind them. This can morph into the science of sound.

scarlet fever- Did you know that scarlet fever is a rash caused by Strep? This is interesting because we rarely see scarlet fever, in America, today thanks to medication. This is a disease that used to be extremely fatal and contagious. Hence the reason for quarantines.

quarantine- There was a time when the only way to stop the spread of disease was to quarantine those that were sick. Discuss what it must feel like to be quarantined. Discuss how this stops the spread of disease. This would be a good jumping off point for discussing the spread of germs in modern times.

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