Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Clementine Review

by Sara Pennypacker

Clementine is a funny little girl who is new to third grade. She loves art and has a unique perspective on life – one adults don’t always understand. Clementine is smart and has good intentions, she just has a tendency to accidentally get in trouble. She is having a very bad week. She is having a hard time with hair, her birthday party goes miserably, she has to go to the principal’s office – again – and even her mom is mad at her. To help distract her, her dad requests her help with the war he has waged against the pigeons that mess up the steps to their apartment building. For once Clementine’s ingenuity helps a situation instead of hindering, and reader’s get a special delight discovering all of Clementine’s fun way of life.

Clementine is a great book for elementary school children. Even those reluctant fourth grade boys love it. It is fast paced and written in an easy, fun style for kids to read. Adults will enjoy it as a fresh new take on the Ramona Quimby style books. This book is absolutely a funny, great read. You will fall in love with Clementine!

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