Thursday, January 21, 2010

Free Resource: Reader Apps for Your iPod/iPhone and PC

In November, I was pointed toward a wonderful free resource.  We already own two iPod touches, due to the fact that they came free with our computers.  A friend was raving about her Kindle, and really, I didn't want to spend the money on one.  Then, someone mentioned the Kindle App for iPhone.  There are three reader apps that I currently have on my iPod Touch.  They are all three free downloads, and they all three allow me to download books for free.

The Kindle app is for Amazon.  If you go to Amazon's Kindle store, you will find many free books on their Bestsellers list.  I search for any book I want in the Kindle store (especially if it is a classic) before I buy it.  Many times, it is free, or very inexpensive (less than a dollar).

The Stanza app is for many different sources.  These are the free sources they offer: Feedbooks, Random House, Harlequin, Project Gutenberg (a great online resource for books in the public domain), Books from Munseys, and Books from BookGlutton.  Project Gutenberg is one of my favorite online sources for classic children's books.  In the past, we have been hampered by our dislike of reading on a computer screen.  Now, we are able to thoroughly enjoy many of our books for free.

Finally, I have eReader.  This is for Barnes & Noble.  I admit that I have not downloaded any books to this, as of yet.  As a result I cannot fully recommend it.  But, as it is free, it is worth taking a look at.

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